Multi-process Value in CS3000


For Fieldbus instruments which have multiple measurements possible (e.g. mass flowmeters which can also give density) we can easily have all these measurements when designing HMI in Yokogawa's CS3000 environment.

Is it possible to access these multiple measurements in CS3000 when the instrument is HART? How?


Yes its possible, and quite easily.

First of all, you should make sure that the I/O card (analog input or output) supports HART protocol. In the IOM definition, HART supported cards explicitly mention HART protocol in IOM description.

When you open IOM builder for a HART supported card, the IOM builder has two tabs. First tab is for normal analog I/O definition. Second tab is named HART Variable and allows you to access HART data for any instrument connected to any specific channel of the card. You can fetch device status and any of the four HART variables PV, SV, TV or FV (aka QV).

In the IOM builder you associate a user-defined IOM label with the a certain HART variable connected to a certain channel. Later, you can use that IOM label in a PIO block connected with a PVI block, like any other normal IOM in a control drawing. The PVI block will display the HART data as configured in the instrument.

If you are using IS barriers, make sure the barriers support transmission of HART data across input and output side, otherwise, communication between IO card and HART instrument will be blocked.

Thank you for your reply but please note that I was talking about having access to multiple process measurements in HART devices.

The variable you mentioned was quite familiar to me. These were calibration, status and other stuffs related to the main measurement.

What I am looking for is different!

Consider a mass flowmeter which its main purpose is to measure the mass of the passing flow.

This mass flowmeter is also measuring the temperature of the fluid as well.

My question is: in case of having a HART mass flowmeter connected to the CS3000, is it possible to read this temperature in addition to the main measured mass flow?

For FF devices, this can easily possible but for HART devices?

A. Hasseli
Sorry If Iam coming in between, from the reply by Mr. Hasseli.

I understand that it is possible to read the HART data by configuring that particular HART data as an additional input channel in a IOM module. Then using PIO block connected to a PVI BLOCK, as used in a normal Function block, we will be able to read the data and display it on Graphic page. Only criteria is that the IOM module must be of HART compliant one. Please correct me if am wrong in understanding.


>My question is: in case of having a HART mass flowmeter
>connected to the CS3000, is it possible to read this
>temperature in addition to the main measured mass flow?

Yes. And exactly in the same way as I mentioned above. You can read the temperature as well as the static pressure of a mass flow meter supporting HART protocol.

You have to refer to the flow meter manual to see which parameter is assigned to which HART variable. Some devices even allow you to do this yourself in devices configuration.

FUZZY1972, you are absolutely right.