Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder


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Simon Choi

A rotary position feedback device that provides an absolute measurement of position over a range of 3-turns (1,080 angular degrees range).

Question: Can a multi-turn encoder (without mechanical gearing system) while satisfying accuracy requirement as a single turn encoder be technically possible/available?

miniature type
Accuracy: +/- 3 arc minutes
Minimum Number of Turns: 3
Resolution: 65536 counts/turn
Outputs: Quadrature Incremental Encoder Outputs

Curt Wuollet

This can and is being done with a single turn encoder and logic that keeps track of the number of turns. For example a magnitude comparator and a counter that increments when a particular position goes by. In your example 65535 or 0 wouls make sense. Or simply a carry from the output of the decoder. Or an index pulse from a prox. This is done in many forms and is very common. Am I missing something?