Multidrop HART network with local panel displays?

When creating a HART network, assuming the instruments are run in parallel, will the instruments still give a 4-20 mA signal up to the backbone? I have a tank bay with 8 tanks. I need to get the level data to the control room, but I have no analog inputs left on the PLC, nor the room to add cards. I was thinking I could put all of the levels in parallel and use a HART to Modbus TCP gateway, but I need to retain the local panel displays for the tank levels. This is what I have in mind; would it work?
Multidrop HART has all the transmitter outputs connected together. To do that, all the transmitters must be set to output fixed current, typically 4 mA, otherwise they would be fighting against each other.

You may be able to use a gateway that has separate channels for each transmitter, but that will not be Multidrop HART.
I saw a similar tank farm situation with all the 4-20mA level transmitters wired to a Precision Digital Consolidator Plus box that had its own HMI screen. The location of the Consolidator in the tank farm made it suitable as a local panel readout for four of the tanks. A Modbus/TCP client in the control room polled the Consolidator box which functioned as a Modbus/TCP server sourcing the level data.

For the tanks that were further away, a couple tanks used loop powered panel meter displays, but others had DC powered local panel meters driven by the retransmit 4-20mA analog outputs from the back of the Consolidator panel. The operators preferred the powered displays because they're easier to read than the gray displays on the loop powered meters.