MultiDrop ModBus using RS-485


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Angel Medrano

Hi, good day.

I have a problem, and I want to know if sometimes been or they have seen the same situation.

I want to make multidrop with Cascada or MultiDrop using RS-485 \ Optical Fiber \ UTP, using ModBus protocol.

This is the architecture but real to the problem that I have at the moment, the first single one was a sketch.

On the basis of the commentaries that receive amiably of You, I generate this new architecture.

The distance of the equipment comes defined in the attached file to this mail.

It is possible to mention that neither equipment nor cable have been chosen.

Indeed, she is one of the purposes of his servant, to propose the hardware.

The voltage of operation for the equipment that requires it is of 24 VCD.

The protocol is ModBus RTU.

In order to connect the network to the station, it must thought to change it to RS-232 or if it is possible to RS-485.

Indeed, it is had thinking to use a OPC-ModBus. Nevertheless, not yet this defined totally.

I am looking for a solution this problem. If they please to modify the architecture of the file and to specify its hardware serious but useful me, and finally to respond to me with the attached file to analyze the proposal of architecture and the equipment that specifying. It remembers to place models to me in I specify, marks, station of the equipment, manuals, if it is possible prices and time from delivery to the country of Mexico.

The direction where I can be received its printed or electronic information is the following one:

Name: Angel Medrano
Country: Mexico
State: Veracruz
City: Coatzacoalcos
Street: 1 of Mayo N.706
Colony: Fruits of the Revolution
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Angel Medrano