Multiple Effect Evaporator Control Strategy


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What are the good options for a control strategy for a Multiple Effect Evaporator?

I consulted Liptak and some other sources but they usually have a good discussion on single effect equipment but not a lot on controlling multiple effects.

The specifics of my application are: Three effects. Vacuum provided by an ejector. Effluent treatment application and hence product quality or heat sensitivity is not of concern. More important is maximizing throughput, steam efficiency and reliability.

The clean condensate gets recycled to the process. The solids are sent to a landfill. The solids are mostly a dry, caking salt, Sodium Sulfate.

Feed concentration is 25% solids. Saturation conc. is 30% solids. Since the feed conc. is so close to saturation a slightly unusual parallel flow scheme has been employed.

We have experience using model predictive control for multi effect counter current evaporators. We would be happy to discuss our capabilities with you further. You can contact me at the following:

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is this in a pulp mill? we have 3 goslin/tampella large 7 effect sets, and a 80% solids concentrator set, supporting one recovery boiler. We use the model predictive control spoken of previously with a combination of honeywell DCS and bailey net90 on the older sets. 'Im curious about your process.

Please explain more.