Multiple monitor one mouse

Old Guy,

Seems my first post didn't get "picked up"--the one where I mistakenly identified KVM as Keyboard-Video-Monitor (which is redundant).

Here is a link I found by asking my preferring Internet search engine "how to use one mouse for two computers?" (without the quotes):

I don't have any personal experience with the MS program, but do know people who have--and it has been mixed results, at best.

It's always best to ask the control equipment vendor what they recommend, because a PC that is being used as an HMI is running some very specific applications and is no longer "a PC." And, putting untested software on a PC being used as the platform for an HMI is iffy at best. Sometimes it works; often it doesn't; sometimes it causes great havoc.

Please write back to let us know how you fare!
Hi there

search for software called synergy. I have used it to move between multiple pc's and monitors to create a virtual wall. Very easy to install and configure and free.