Multiple MVI46-MCM Modbus modules installed on one SLC-5 chassis


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Dear all,

I wonder if you guys could explain to me, is it posible to have more than one Prosoft MVI46-MCM module installed and configured on one SLC-5 chassis?

If posible, would you please explain?

Thanks in advance.

Eddie Willers

You can use as many MV46-MCM modules in a single SLC-500 1746-series chassis as you wish.

They take up quite a bit of I/O memory and data memory, so I don't think the number of modules in one chassis is unlimited. But it's definitely more than two.
Easiest way is to call Prosoft, as I'm sure they have example ladder.

To do it yourself, do this...

Open the sample ladder twice - so open two instances of Logix500.

In both samples place the mcm module in the appropriate slot.

In sample2, be sure to use different data files, as so module1 doesn't interfere with the data in module2.

Combine the two ladder files and download.

Good luck.