multiple opened supergenies in citect


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Guzman Sisco

Probably I'll start the development of a scada project with Citect, but before I would have some assurance about capabilities of this software. I have to monitor and control a PLC's network. Citect can give me the possibility of doing multiple controls at the same time with multiple opened supergenies? Thank you for possible answers!

Daniel O'Shea

The only limit to the number of open supergenies open is your PC's ram and the size of your monitor. I have done 20000+ point projects in Citect, and have seen operators with a dozen supergenies open at times.
Yes. You indeed can have multiple supergenies opened at the same time.

Citect has no built in limit to the number of supergenies that can be opened
at once. The default maximum number of open windows is 4. This parameter
can easily be set to any desired number. In practice, this is limited
mainly by available display real estate.

We use supergenies in our system as the main input objects for start/stop
and PID control stations. These objects also provide most complete status
displays for many of these stations. As such, they are only opened when an
operator wants more information than is available in the static display that
it is called from, or input is required, such as setpoint changes or
start/stop actions.

We limited the number of concurrently opened supergenies to 10 per node.
The number was an arbitrary choice that can easily be modified. Operators
are well aware of this. We have had no requests from any of them to increase
this number.

Jack Rainey
Highland Valley Copper.