Multiplexer + Signal Converter for RTD and TC


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Hakan Ozevin

Do you know a manufacturer of such an industrial module with 8 or 16 TC/RTD inputs and only one 0-10V/4-20 mA output. The multiplexing signal will be binary (can be driven by 3 or 4 outputs of a PLC).
Did you use them? What are your ideas of using them?
what is the purpose of having only one output from 8-16 inputs? Rosemount has one which can take upto 8 T/C or RTD input but can provide FF output.

Hakan Ozevin

> what is the purpose of having only one output from 8-16 inputs? <

Economy of course. Isn't this clear?
I haven't used a multiplexer as you have defined, but I have use a PLC sytle device with this
ability. The Horner Operator Control Station (OCS)uses "Smart Stack" modules to fit your I/O
requirements and integrates an operator interface into the unit. It programs like a PLC but only
uses one sofware pkg for both logic and operator interface configuration.

They have a 4 ch. THM input module and a 2ch analog output module. The standard systems will
accept upto 4 I/O modules. Also available is a base unit without the operator interface. The
programming software is free "":

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Alberto Trejo

Yes i do. Its slow, but really is a multiplexer opamp, with gain of 100 and sensor temperature for composed union.
I used a device 2100A16 from Industrial Pyrometer
16 Ch in RTD,TC4/20mA
1 output 4/20mA or 0-10V
To multiplex the inputs the unit can be programmed either to use 4 digital inputs to select the channel or one clock input that switches the selected channel to the next.
It also comes with modbus interface.


So far good experience. I use it in a diesel powerstation to monitor the cylinder temperatures of the generators.