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To measure compensated steam flow, I want to use multivariable DP transmitter (Rosemount 3095 MV). Should I need to consider additional tappings for pressure and temperature measurements (for compensation) or the same MV transmitter measures both pressure and temperatures along with DP (flow)?

Temperature is the only extra connection you will need. You can also extract the P, T and DP variables as individual 4-20s using a Rosemount 333 Tri-Loop if desired. This is considerably less expensive than installing individual xmtrs.

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Steam flow can be compensated with pressure and temperature variable obtained from the same MV FLow dp transmitter.It would not be required to go for additional tapping's for the installation on temp & Press transmitters.

Normally you can get 4 variables from the transmitters, you can also directly get the compensated (Corrected) flow from the transmitters output rather doing calculation in the DCS(you can find such kind of transmitters from Foxboro).