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Al Dan

Hello, I am looking to display process values for up to 16, 4-20 mA loops, without using separate panel meters.There must be a multiple display out there with 4-20 mA inputs. Thanks for the help
Keyence Corp. has the KL-4AD visual analog input module with four 4-20mA inputs. I researched this product in an application involving multiple CCD laser sensors. It can be used as a display device and to digitized the analog signals for transmission to the KV series PLC.The digital display will only allow one channel to be displayed at a time. Switching the display to the other channels is accomplished using the keys on the front of the device. The resolution for a 4-20mA signal is 4uA.

Steve Myres, PE

Why not use a small PLC like Koyo DL2xx series and cheapie OP interface?? Could use a text based one with rotating messages, or get a small mono, like 6". I think AutomationDirect has these for like $400, plus maybe $600 for the PLC, gives about $60/loop. The only problem is that the analog inputs are usually single ended, so if the information is already being used by another PLC or SCADA system you'll need isolators ($$$), or use voltage input mode on the inputs in the display PLC and connect between the 4-20 signal and its common.


We have a process indicator model which can accept 6 channels of 4-20 mA. It has a LCD display and can scroll through all the channels or locked into one channel. It comes in a compact 96 X 96 enclosure. It also supports Modbus interface in case you wish to connect it to a PLC.
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