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Now there is plenty of information out there on PICs, servos, steppers, etc. My problem is that my project is targeted at teaching linux programming in developing countries- and thus our budget is like zero :)

So i want to make it as cheap as possible. Any ideas? Thanx.

Ok i've done some research. I have to admit that i am not experienced in engineering, so please explain stuff you think is simple :)

Need to turn a small 3-7 volt motor on and off.

It seems that the cheapest way to turn something on and off by a signal from pc is to use a relay. I don't need feedback, so it's gonna be centronics.

If you have a link to say "a project to turn a led on and off " that is simple, that would be the answer to my question :)

Use a relay? It's probably easier than using servos or steppers and controllers and all, right?

1) which relay do i choose? hopefully under $2, found in old vcrs or toasters :)

2) how do i connect it- which pins of the LPT?

3) which signals to send /will be using c or perl/

Thank you for your time.
Find the Coffee mini-HOWTO, it'll tell you everything you want to know. Probably it's on your disk in /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini or you can get it from the Linux Documentation Project.

> Use a relay?

The Coffee mini-HOWTO has a circuit diagram for driving a relay from the printer port (resistor, NPN transistor and a diode across the relay coil).

Make sure your relay contacts are rated for DC and the current you want.


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For Pete:

If you are in the USA go to Radio Shack, or their parent company Tandy
Corp, and buy their "Green" primer:

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