My GT load sudden drops from full load to zero

Dear experts,

I am facing a problem often with my gas turbine frame6B (capacity 30MW).

I have ' mark VI ' control system, ex2100 excitation system, G60 generator protection panel.


Most of the time i am facing a problem that my S controller fail signal comes in my toolbox software, but at controller no red light is blinking at that time. We restart the s controller and then it goes ok and comes the control mode. Then we start the gas turbine, gas turbine runs fine at full load 30MW. But some times it trips without any fault, just showing flame loss. Our 2ndary flame sensor are weak, thats why we force 2 secondary flame sensor always when running. But why my machine sudden trip from full load to zero MW. And trips with reverse power? After trip we check that the s controller is in fail mode again, but checked that it has come 3 days before, not at the tripping time.

Attaching the alarms,please check and suggest boss.


Also forcing flame detector signal is not a good idea ...You would better track the original problem /issue on this Unit instead of forcing signal names in the app code...
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Ok Sir ,

I will try to give some tips /notes on this issue to solve it ..

First is that a TMR architecture ?

Looks like the VCMI card got some diagnostic alarms

Did you check on the TOOLBOX help menu what these fault codes " 57 &67" means ..

Fault code 57 displayed as Controller sequencing overrun
Fault code 67 displayed as Controller card is offline ( do you confirm it by looking on the Toolbox ST sofwtare..?)