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The Economy: Turning Around… or Turning in Circles?

"The economy is turning around, right? The markets are up, venture capitalists are emerging from their dens after their long 36-month winter’s nap, industrial production is up, and the light at the end of the economic tunnel does not appear to be an oncoming train.

"So, why is unemployment still high? Why can’t you find a job?"

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I think part of the problem is that like manufacturing a lot of engineering and software jobs are moving overseas to cheaper labor. Once one company does it, the rest feels like they also have to do it to stay competitive. This gets worst in slow economy. Of course, if all the good paying manufacturing jobs are gone, the middle class will shrink and so will the US economy, then where would all those Chinese dump their cheap product?
I am not against the trade with China when it is a level playing field. Recently Korea complained that China artificially kept their currency from appreciating against the US dollar to preserve their markets. This is definitely unfair. I am also concern that many basic products that are coming from China, are of inferior quality. The US companies that used to make real quality products are out of business. Some of these knockoff overseas companies do not even have experts to support their products. So we buy cheap stuff but no one to call to complain if it is junk.
I was laid off in March from motion control company and got a job with a company making defense hardware. May be this is one of the few jobs that will be exported. Whenever a product
gets made overseas, US loses big time. Some US companies out of habit move small quantity production overseas thinking that they are saving but in fact they are not because the long distance, traveling cost back and forth, start up quality issues, and plus there is tariff and shipping cost. So all you engineers out, resist the temptation to job out overseas! Your job and many others are at stake. Support your quality US made products. I did not use to think this way.