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Walt Boyes

My new article, "Improve Your Selling Skills- Yes, You!" is posted at

"If you are really going to take charge of your own career, and manage your work life like the huge investment it really is, you need some skills
outside of the technical skills you use in your daily work.

"If you are a programmer, an IT manager, a systems analyst or integrator, those are all skills that you use everyday. Generally speaking, you will do your best to keep these skills updated, and your employer might even help
you with classes, seminars, and paying for you to study.

"But these skills are not enough. These skills allow you to do the work, but they don’t get you the job, or help you figure out if your job is safe and what to do if it isn’t. Good work skills don’t help you when your company is going down the ubiquitous porcelain convenience. Good work skills don’t help you when the industry you are working in is as obsolete as buggy whip manufacturing."

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