N-TRON Switches May Be Causing MKVIe Controller Diagnostic Errors


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We have using MKVIe to control our 9E frame of GE wlth TMR having GE & N-TRON IO networking switches, controller UCSA.

Suddenly we got lots of diagnostic errors related to IOs while all the R IO packs got in diagnostic mode error, communication failure, controller R cannot communicate with S & T, R- controller gone on offline condition, controller cannot retrieve data, controller R heartbeat was found at zero.

So we replaced the N-TRON networking switch (we have already replaced NTRON many times) simply install the RJ45 connector as per designated ports & powered up the switch. after energizing the R Switch we got fixed diagnostic on only those IOs Pack which are not using on our site like 1D1A, 1D4A. rest of the cards are being used in system & properly configured they didn't become normal. while DC was shifted to S controller, LED of Flash was also blinking on R controller single time in 10 seconds.

After all we restarted the switch again & wait for its response, but still there is no improvement. kindly suggest us the solution either we have to rebuild & download the controller, replace the R controller (UCSA), or any other suggestion.

Is the N-Tron Managed or Un-Managed? Sometimes replacing a configured managed switch with an unmanaged or unconfigured managed switch can impact IO network performance.

Can you ping from a central point out to all the other devices? Might be a quick way to validate that the lower layers of the OSI model are working correctly. If ping doesn't work I would check physical layer connections as well as device(nic) configs, the later less likely to change with a switch replacement, but the physical layer could have been damaged. You can run the ping continuously to see if there are any issues over time ping -t. If the ping doesn't work and its a unconfigured managed switch there may be a need to configure it. Power up the old switch and connect to the device manager/CLI to determine its configuration and match it on the new switch.

If that is working and the switch is managed with port mirroring, you could run wireshark to monitor traffic, and see where the communication is breaking down, or if the switch is logging any errors, e.g., CRC.

Also, take a look at the datasheet/user manual and see if when restarting the switch the link lights match a pattern described in the UM. That might help you further troubleshoot the issue or determine which layer the issues resides on.

If you have these issues often you might want to think about an assessment to get a more comprehensive understanding of your network health.
Last time in our site, we faced the same problem. We replaced N-TRON un-managed switch with MOXA EDS Switch and everything went back to normal. Make sure that your switch is un-managed switch. Check your IP Address. And if replacing switch is not working, maybe there is something wrong with other cards.