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Johan Vereecken

Some sales persons provide info about their transmitters which mentions it has NAMUR-contacts, but none of them can tell me what it exactly is. Is it some kind of replacement for relays or is any protocol involved ? A search on Internet didn't give any relevant information. Any good leads to details ?

Anthony Kerstens

Essentially, a device that behaves like a dry contact (only two wires) and which can be used which Zener barriers in intrinsically safe circuits.

Did you mean transmitter, as in analogue devices? NAMUR contacts are found on discrete devices like prox switches.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Bruce Durdle

NAMUR is a current-loop format. The loop has two states - current > 3 mA, and current > 8 mA. Voltage is (from memory) about 10 V but most devices will operate happily off 24. You should be able to get exact details off the equipment data sheets.

Then you can tell the sales persons what it means - but make sure they pay you for doing their job for them!!