Natural Gas Auto Ignition Temperature

In our CCPP, GT is GE 9.03 and control system is mark 6e. Now GE wants to know auto ignition temperature (AIT) of our natural gas for diveter damper operation. We don't have that data in hand. Is there any procedure to calculate AIT of NG?

Again what is the control constant for AIT in mark 6e? Can anyone discuss about the block?
You can look up "autoignition temperature of natural gas" or methane using your preferred World Wide Web search engine.

If you have a recent natural sample analysis that may include the value, or you can ask the company performing the analysis to include the value.

Generally, the autoignition temperature of natural gas is over 1000 set F, and can vary based on constituents.

I'm not aware of a Control Constant that represents the autoignition temperature of any fuel. BUT, GE Belfort does some very odd things. VERY odd.

Lastly, the question seems odd by itself. Are you burning some kind of process gas or tail-gas or LNG?