Natural Gas Fired Boiler-Steam Turbine Basic Q&As


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12 year Power generation (wind turbines), current 5 year power plant operator. I've just made Control Operator - hoping to tap into the experience in this group to be better at what I do.

I have some questions that I can't find detailed enough answers to... for example:

When starting up a unit, why is it important to specifically have your convection drain valves throttled open? (Riley Stoker Boiler) I understand the concept of establishing flow in a drain in order to help get temperature, but considering the location of the convection super heater, why are those drains the most beneficial?

Here's another one what is the purpose of a "Reheat Equalizing Valve" when specifically discussing turbine and control valves. Is it a Valve positioned between your incoming Hot Reheat lines to the IP section of the turbine?

I have these and so many more. Thank you in advance for your time. I look forward to participating and learning from you all.