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Peter Whalley

Hi all,

I would like to put navigation buttons on my iFIX graphics pages which work the same as the Forward and Back buttons in web browsers. That is, they go
to the previous page viewed or forwards again after going back. Does anyone have any suggestions or code fragments to do this.


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Ralph G. McDonald, P.E.

Hi Peter:

I had to do something similar for a client last year. The operators were used to a DCS system that had a button on each HMI screen that allowed the to return to the last previous screen.
Notice: [[The following is from a volitle memory "mine".]]

a. I defined a set of variables for the project to hold "CurrentPic", "PreviousPic".

b. Then in each screen's call button I went in to VB editor and added a line just before the actual open command line to set "PreviousPic" to whatever screen that button was calling from, and "CurrentPic" = to the called screen, Then opened "CurrentPic".

c. Created "Previous" command button in each screen and in its VB subroutine added line to set "CurrentPic" equal to "PreviousPic", next line set "PreviousPic" = to the current screen.
Then opened "CurrentPic".

This is not exactly what you need but may help. If you want to go forward and back N # of screens you will need to extend this idea with additional buttons ( forward ) ( back), and more variables or an array.

Good Luck and let me know how it works out?