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I need the data sheet of an extinct chip, NEC upd7201 multi protocol serial controller very urgently. This is for the patch in the serial driver of a very old product, maybe 20yrs.
the matter is urgent, so if a soft copy can be provided or a sure source name, i will be very much indebted.
can anybody help plaese?
I've checked your part number in catalogs dateing back to 1991... Sorry No hit!

I suggest you call Dalbani Electronics @ 1-800-325-2264. They may be able to help. What is the product that you have a problem with?

Rick Macy
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I believe the NEC upd7201 was a second source for the Zilog Z80 family. You are probably looking for the Z80 SIO from I just checked and all the old datasheets are still there. Here is a link to the family overview pdf.
Finding data on Zilog is much easier. Good luck with your search.

Dale Chase
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James Oldham


I have a 1987 NEC Data Book that contains this part ( uPD7201A ). If you contact me at [email protected] .com and you are prepared to pay shipping, you can have it.


Jim Oldham
I tried contacting them, Dalbani Electronics, But the website didnt work out,neither could i connect. It is heard that nec catalog 1987 contains details. Since I am on travel abroad, I couldn't check. If only I get a softcopy fast would it come handy now.
Achyuthan R
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