Need a Ph.D. Dissertation Topic in Gas Turbine Performance


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Presently, I work in a power plant (Gas Turbines) in Nigeria, and have been on the job for one year plus now. Before I got the job, I was on with my doctorate degree program in mechanical engineering in a Nigerian university. With some experience gained in power generation with gas turbines, I want to write a dissertation on Gas Turbine performance or something related to that. But ever since, I have found it difficult to get a topic to work on. I believe this honourable forum could help me with topics.

Your suggestions will be so appreciated.

Thank you
You said you are from Nigeria.. Nigeria has a tropical climate and the period between Jun and September shows high intensity of rainfall and <b>relative humidity</b>.

On; there is ongoing discussion (see link below), the topic is about GT performance VS relative/specific Humidity. May be that topic could be developed to a Ph.D thesis.

Good luck!