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Joey B. Watkins

I have several Siemens S5 PLC systems that I wish to build trainers out of with input switches, output lights, etc., and am looking for a quick solution instead of building from scratch.
Does anyone have a suggested source?
Thank you.

Talk to your local Siemens Distributor or Siemens Rep. The part number for the S5-115U trainer is 6ES5 782-1AF11. The simulator modules must be purchased separately. Look in the ST50 catalog.
There is a company that Modicon uses I believe the name was Beckwood
Services. Check the Schneider Alliances (ModConnect) website at and look for them. They make some really nice
training demos. I'm considering ordering some for my classroom here.


Bruce Durdle

Can't help with a source - but I've just done something similar and the
smartest thing I did was to make sure there was a selection of NO and NC
pushbuttons on the switch bank in addition to the usual changeover ones.


Johan Bengtsson

If you want buttons and lights and then something more I might
suggest you look at out training model of a three store elevator
and ball sorter, it might be overkill for you but if you are
interested you can contact me directly.

An image of it can be seen here:
(I hope this long link survives the email sending, if it appears
on two lines put them toghether...)

Unfortunately I didn't find information in english about out
hardware models at our homepage...

/Johan Bengtsson

P&L, Innovation in training
Box 252, S-281 23 H{ssleholm SWEDEN
Tel: +46 451 49 460, Fax: +46 451 89 833
E-mail: [email protected]

Orlando Charria

LT-Automation manufactures low cost, small size and portable PLC training stations.
Models include power supplies, switches, lights, high current relays, analog inputs, analog outputs. They also have connectors to allow interfacing to external devices such as sensors, motors ,lamps, alrms,etc.
You can monitor/control thru Microsoft's EXCEL
Pricing starts from U$185.
If you belong to an educational institution, you can send a formal request for a demo equipment.
Please visit:
WWW.LT-AUTOMATION.COM for more details.

Orlando Charria
[email protected]