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i am a student studying diploma in mechatronic engineering, i will be doing my final project by april by i still can't think out any title to do ...can anyone help me??
What about something that helps people without your particular skills. For instance.. i am a programmer with a few concepts which i would like to test, these invoice firstly analysing the optic direction change (or optical illusion) which is caused by an objects moving and object simular objects passing through the previous objects space at different speeds. for this i would need to setup some type of controllable motor spinning a metal disk, also some sort of laser which can read and monitor the difference between the controlled motor and itself.

So what would essentially be required, or something which could be developed is something to assist the people who do not have access to a
laboratory. Some sort of plug in play devices (more could be developed ant a later date for different purposes, but at this point a motor,
laser, power etc) and an interface which people could write code depending on the requirements of their particular project.

More and more people are opting to stay at home and study, develop, etc.. but without many tools to do so.