Need an Interface between Westinghouse WDPF and PC


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I am looking for an interface (hardware and driver) to hook a PC to Westinghouse WDPF. The PC is to replace a current VAX system, hooked to the WDPF network displaying realtime status in a steel plant. We are yet to decide on the PC OS; MS Windows or Linux.
It's a few years since I have worked on WDPF, but W-PCD used to do PC to WestnetII interface cards (can't remember the correct W-PCD name, everyone always referred to them as "Pizza Boxes"). Basically a PCI module linked to a Westnet I/Face connected to directly to Westnet II. Believe there are now dde / opc servers available (at the time we had to write our own interface).

Have you tried contacting Westinghouse / Emerson?


I think that a QLC card is what you need. It is basically a 386 pc on a WDPF q-line card. It has two DB9 connectors. One is used for serial communications to the field instrument (your PC) using rs232 and the other is used to configure the QLC via laptop. Emerson can set you up with this. The configuration file on the QLC basically translates the incoming serial data to WDPF points. Since you already have existing points in your VAX system you are half way there. Your new PC will output data in its format and the QLC translates to WDPF. We use these with AB PLC's frequently with great success.

Hope this helps.