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Fady Helmy

Merry Christmas to all.

I have a DELTA-TAU's PMAC-LITE 400-602399-10x 4-axis CNC Controller and I want to buy a complete CNC software that support this controller. Could you please tell me suggested companies that make that Software.
I recently purchased Symantec Procomm Plus ver 4.8 for backup of program, parameter, diagnostics, offset, geometry, data and so on for Fanuc and Mitsubishi CNC controls. I really like it. You might check into if your machine supports it.

William Sturm

Delta Tau sells CNC software for their boards. I have not used it, but it looks nice. Give them a call.

Bill Sturm
I believe the originator of this thread is looking for PMAC CNC software that is not accompanied by the Delta Tau price tag. If there is such a source then I would also be interested.
If you have actually used CamSoft then you would know that it is strictly a propriatary CNC software for use with Galil Motion Control DMC series controllers and is not compatible with any other controllers.
I use the Galil board with CamSoft and I am very pleased, but it is not correct that they only use Galil. If you visit on their PRODUCT/HARDWARE page you'll see many types of PCI, EtherNet, ISA and even RS232 boards. I heard they use several brands.

Bob P.