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Pramod Kokate

We are largest Plastic Extrusion machine manufacturer in INDIA . We are Pioneer in Woven Sacks Tape Plant. We are in the business from past 33 years for Woven Sack Tape Stretching Line.

Our present plants are upto 350 M/min line speed with Energy consumption 0.5 KwH/Kg. We are expanding our Tape Stretching Line to run upto 450 M/min with Energy consumption 0.4 Kwh/Kg. This plant will be with the High Speed Cheese Winder with Inverter Drive.

The Specification for Cheese Winder for Tape Stretching Line is as per following.

Bobbin Size
35 ID x 40 OD x 218mm Long


Package Size
Minimum – 90 Dia to 180 Dia

Material to Wound
PP Tapes

Tape Size
2.5mm to 3.2mm

400 – 2000 Denier

Line Speed
450 M/Min Winding Speed

Winding Tension
50 Gms to 150 Gms

Winder Motor
120 Watts
4 Pole – 220V 3 Phase – 50 Hz
Star Connection

Winder to Spindle Ratio

Our requirement is around 7000 – 8000 Qty / annum

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Try the Siemens office in Bombay or in a city closer to you. Automation and Drives division. We have three centers of system house competance for system integration of Process industry applications.Bombay is one of those major locations.

PLC: Siemens S7300 or S7400 with Profibus DP network to communicate to remote I/O and Drives. also we have a high speed fiber optic network to connect the drives to one another.

Recently I did training at a plant in USA that was a Printing Press from Germany. This high speed web handling application used Master Drives 6SE70 with a High Speed fiber optics.

Another plant I visited last year was a mill using plastic extrusion non woven process. they made use of the S7400, and the Motion control modules FM450 high speed counter to track the web splices. The remote I/O drops ET200M use the same I/O as the smaller S7300 PLC. There are some Thermocouple cards that fit the application perfectly. They include onboard linearization and wire break detection that can pass diagnostic messaging transparently up to the Siemens WinCC HMI(Windows XP workstation). Local visualiztion and control is best accomplished on the family of Siemens 270 or 370 panels.

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siemens technical trainer, USA
Thanks for your reply.

I would like to know on whic printing machine you took a training.

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