Need Fieldserver config file example for converting to Siemens BAS Modbus


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Would like to get a hold of a Fieldserver config (.csv) file example for some client device (Tek-Air or ?) sending points through a Fieldserver ProtoNode into Siemens Building Automation Systems Modbus. Email is [email protected] .

It would not have to be a Tek-Air client since mainly what I want to look at is the Server Side info (Modbus Side).

I have done several Fieldserver csv files for Tek-Air to BACnet MSTP, Tek-Air to BACnet IP, and Tek-Air to LONworks, but this is 1st going to Modbus.

I have the file 90% put together already using the Fieldserver Modbus RTU/ASCII Driver manual, other Fieldserver manuals, and info off the net but would be nice to see a working example that actually brings points into Siemens BAS Modbus.