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Pierre Desrochers

Hi all,

I need a suggestion for a product. I need to :

-"read" an analog signal (4/20)
-"output" (dry contact) to start a pump
-"display" a level (0-100%)
-"read" some switches (4)

All of this, 500 feet away from my main Mitsubishi QCPU PLC system with an E900 HMI which would display all that is happening and command (only over Ethernet... perhaps Modbus Ethernet?) the starts and stops of this pump...

I would like to find a small operator terminal (small really means cheap) with analog IN and digital I/Os and Ethernet com.

I have looked at Optimate panels and they are not to bad in RTU mode but a lot more expansive in Point controler setup...

Any other suggestions?

Dear Pierre

What is cheap?

Yokogawa ( via the Yokogawa Corporation of America home page)
has in their new product range a net work controlsystem "STARDOM" a socalled FCJ: Field Control Junction what seems to fit> this supports convential IO, FIeldbus, ethernet, and can p.e email its messages via "C.O.T.S." wireless Ethernet to your main PLC.

other option is their socalled DAQ station, with small flat screen for up to 8 loops with ethernet /serial interface. this is a real out of the box intelligent unit for only a few thousand bugs.

or use their Greenseries intelligent controller UT series what prices may vary from 250 to 2000 USD.

Moore industries or moore products ,i am always mixing up those names had in the past also low cost remote RTU units, i lost track on that.

The a.m. prices are for indication only and no rigths can be derived from this.

other: just try via "GOOGLE" ans surf a bit around on the internet.

I hope this guides you further
kind regards from the Netherlands
Koos Knuit

Pierre Desrochers

What is cheap?

In the choices that I have, it goes like this.

A 2 line x 40 character HMI with serial com: 300$
A controler with AI, DI, DO and Ehternet com AND com to the HMI: 900$

But in this setup, the HMI and controler will not work if I lose com with my central PLC. I would like a little of local logic just in case.

Marc Sinclair

Siemens s7-200 has an ethernet module now - the td200 2*40 character is cheap at about €200 a small cpu, some AI and Ethernet will come in under €600 - you can use the step7 micro software - I haven't found anything this little plc can't do, except no profibus master yet!!
Control Microsystems Scadapack with 4AI, 6DI or 6DO, 2 modbus ports...$1046 list

Scadapack vision 2 lines 16 charactors, 6 function keys, modbus...$420 list

Vision Cable $50

scadasolution at
Cheap is a relative term. You might try FlashPoint Automation. I think they have an ISaGRAF based control side solution Integrated with an Indosuft based HMI ( Ethernet/Web connectivity)with I/O on a color touchscreen panel for around $1200.

Phillip Snyman

Try DAQFactory very reliable, ms timestamping & available in in South Africa. (ie.Unlimited Tags/Channels @ R. 5,649.38, Drivers available)

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