Need help on Modicon 984 Family PLC

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Harimurti Widyasena

I use the Modbus protocol to get some data from Modicon 984-685E PLC. After several hours the PLC halts with "State RAM Test failed" message in its stop code. I wonder could my software disturbs PLC operation, and if so How it can possibly happen so that I can correct my software. I use Labview for the Modbus driver and the application. The PLC was configured in RTU mode Thanks very much
Hello, The "State RAM Test Failed" error is a serious hardware level failure. Your Labview Modbus app is almost certainly NOT causing the error. Some more information about the system would be helpful. If possible could you provide a copy of the program in the controller or at the very least provide the system configuration and traffic cop information. You may, if you want, contact me off list at the address below. Bradley G. Hite Intertech Incorporated mailto:[email protected] Teaching Practical Skills for a Technological World

Roberto Burgos

you should contact modicon tech support, in early releases of E series there was a bulletin for controlers serial numbers that ware affected by a hardware failure this was issued in 97, hve your prom rev. # and serial # in hand before contacting them

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