Need Help on old WER Encoder


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Dave Erickson

My customer's glass coating line uses a number of old encoders with WER Industrial nameplates. As usual, after 25+ years, all the system drawings are in unknown locations (i.e. lost). I have tried Google but didn't run into anything very promising. In order to avoid having to trace wires, measure signals, etc., I thought I'd try here.

The encoder nameplate:

p/n 401-1090
s/n 418743
ppr 0180

The stupid nameplate doesn't even have a pin-out of the connector! The p/n, s/n, & ppr is all!

If anyone has a source for information on this old encoder it would be appreciated.
I'll bet that WER Industrial sold Brand lLbeled equipmet from other manufactures. Any chance the encoder is anywhere near standard (like 2.5 inch servo mount). If so there are many alternate sources I can suggest.

Dave Erickson

I'm sure it is a re-labeled unit for WER. If I had an electrical spec. I could cross to a Dynapar, BEI, Disc Inst. etc.

I'm trying to avoid a cross country flight to go a figure it out myself.

The electrical maintenance personnel at the factory are the usual glorified mechanics and I can only trust thrm to change a light bulb or maybe even a fuse.
Maybe some digital photos emailed to you (their teen age sons or daughters could probably handle this) plus some mechanical measurements. Encoder Products has an extensive line of encoders that match up to many older standard encoders. They have been very helpful to me crossing and replacing DRC encoders including making custom mounting adaptors with delivery ASAP).