Need help with PanelView 1400E


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Carlos Soriano

I need to replace a PanelView 1400E HMI but ....
I don't have any software and I need to save the application that actually is running before anything. First where can I get the software? Local vendor does not have this. And what would be the steps in order to do this. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Trevor Ousey

Hi Carlos,
You need Panelbuilder 1400e, an older software package from AB. Your distributor or local Rockwell SI will have access to the software and should be able to help you. It is still available on the Rockwell software updates web page.


Bob Peterson

The software is available from AB. PN 2711E-ND1.

You can generally upload the application file from the existing terminal.

It has been a long time since I used one, but I think they had some kind of support for PCMCIA memory cards. You might be able to get a PCMCIA flash card and copy the application to the flash card and than copy it back.
Does the Panelview have a memory card slot? If so you might be able to save the configuration and re-load it on the new HMI without having to use software. You can do this with the VersaView CE


Carlos Soriano

Thank you all for your fast response. PanelView I have to replace has a slot for a memory card. We are thinking to replace the Panel for a new one and maybe with different brand and software. Is there any way to convert this application into a new brand (Software) and what would be your suggestions??

Bob Peterson

Many brands of HMIs can communicate with AB plcs. But you probably would have to redo the whole application.

I think, but am not 100% sure, that you can import it using the AB
Panelview+ software called RsView Studio. You could then download it into a pv+.