Need help with Schneider TSX and PEP52


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Fathy Samaha

Hi All,
I am a microprocessor engineer, and new to PLC world, but I worked for a client have a problem with Schneider TSX 47 PLC, he has a load cell, and a load cell monitoring instrument PEP 52,

this PEP 52 is now damaged, and not found in our market, so I need to know its datasheet in English, to replace it with other one in our market,

does anyone have this datasheet?

and also, he want to change the HMI program from DOS based to WinNT based,

may anyone help me in finding the communication protocols between the PC and the PLC, and also any help in the PLC programming languages tutorial (ZIP,PDF,DOC) files are appreciated ,

Thank you so much for your time,

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

Dear friend,
The software to program a TSX47 will depend upon the CPU model.

If it is a TSX47-10 ou 47-20, the software will be PL7-2, that runs over DOS.

If it is a TSX47-40 or higher, the software will be PL7-3, that requires OS/2 as the operating system of the PC, and also requires another software package, called XTEL.

PL7-2 has the following programming languages availables: Ladder, Grafcet and Instruction List.

PL7-3 has all the above languages, plus Literal (like as Structured Text).

The cable kit between PLC and PC is the part number TSXTAC03.

I suggest you to contact the Schneider Electric support office closest to you.