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Hello everyone.

First time on this forum. So, before asking my question, i would like to introduce my self in one line.

Muhammad Fahad, Student (Electrical Engineering ), just did a bit of internship at Thermal Power Station and almost 20 years old.

I gave the above information so because i would like to have an answer of my level :)

Q1:- I worked a bit on Gas turbines (GE , 100 MW, 3000 Rpm, 50hz , 2 poles). My question is that for more RPM, we need to burn more fuel. Why not use 4 poles instead of 2 in Gas Turbines so that we will only need half of the RPM and so half of the fuel Consumption for generating same amount of electricity?

Q2:- I read (and saw) that there are three sets of stator windings, physically offset so that the rotating magnetic field produces a three phase current, displaced by one-third of a period with respect to each other. So, by 50hz, does it means a total of 50 sine waves/sec or separate 50 waves in each stator windings (making it total 150 overlapped on each other)?

Sorry if i am confusing (because i am confused myself). Its because i have no work experience and Electrical Machines (Subject which covers Generators/motors etc) is coming in the latest semester. So... would appreciate an good/satisfying answer. Thank you very much !

Basic Science

Q1 - Plese reiew your textbooks on basic thermodynamics and then ask yourself how you can get the same energy output (electricity) for half the energy input (fuel) of a system (the generator).

Q2 - No.