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Hi, I want to know someone who can tell where to find the information on the Control through the internet. Papers, dissertations, thesis, or web sites all are welcome.
Hi Stanley

I have been working on a project to remote-control some hightech radio gear over the net. In the process I did some research , but could not find too much on the subject. If the "THING" you want to remote-control already uses a protocol, then you can write a custom software and embed the protocol in UDP or TCP packets. On the receiving side you have to get the data from a PC to the device or bus you want to control. I make my own custom PC to BUS controllers with RISC processors (Microchip)
The remote client sends control codes via the net to the host. From the host to the Micrcontroler via RS232. The microcontroller converts the codes to I2C bus. It could convert to any protocol.
I am also working on a project that uses the CANBUS. Send me an email if you need more info

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You would be well advised to visit from Siemens (formally Moore Products). This is a small process control system that has been designed with the Internet in mind i.e. from initial specification and purchase through to configuration and of course, actual control & monitoring over the Internet.