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Mehmet Alpay

Hi everyone,

I need a frequency signal conditioner for an application I'm working on. The frequencies I need to monitor range from 100 Hz to 5 KHz. The input pulses have amplitudes ~40 mV, but they are not "clean" by any stretch (i.e., they look nothing like the nice crisp square waves you'd get from a signal generator - oh well :). On top of that, the baseline voltage is slowly time-varying as well. Is anybody aware of an off-the-shelf signal conditioner I can use to convert these pulses to 0-5 V square pulses so that I can feed them into my frequency counter?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mehmet Emin Alpay
Control Systems Engineer
ESI, Central Engineering
Almost any signal conditioning company can do this, but the best one I know of is the Red Lion PAX-I.

Walt Boyes

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Robert Dusza


Try Omega Engineering, Inc. They carry signal conditioners that may fit your need.

Bob Dusza

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Jeff P. LeBlanc

Try Red Lion controls. I just bought two for this same purpose. They are about $50.00 each

Jeff LeBlanc