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Do you have a freeware/shareware application to do the layout for a small board. It has only 20 components.

I can just use my Cad. it would be great if there is something that has the libary of correctly scaled components. (IC voltage regulator)

I've used a package called Eagle PCB. You can download it for free "": , use it to draw the schematics, and auto-layout the pcb. Includes decent component libraries. Worked great for me, but it's limited to 3x5" boards (free version), and I never figured out how to get clean Gerbers out of it. Good luck!

Peter Wurmsdobler

> Do you have a freeware/shareware application to do the layout for a small board.<

On Linux, use 'pcb' which comes with most distributions. It may be difficult at the first glance, but it works fine. I did quite a lot of EURO boards (160mm x 100mm). Another software which should run under on both Windows and Linux is 'eagle'. There is a schematics editor and a PCB board layouter. The free version is limited to
100mm x 80mm size boards. Eagle is included on the SuSE linux distribution.

Look for a program called Eagle. You should be able to find it on the web. They have a freeware/shareware version of their PCB software.

Bill Sturm

Curt Wuollet

I've done EZTrax and PCB The former is DOS shareware and somewhat dated but a fairly simple to use package for small boards. I now use PCB which is hosted on Linux and GPL. It's better once you get used to it. Both put out Gerber files which you will need for most rapid fabs.


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