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Ron Gage

Hi folks: I am in need of a recommendation of an AC voltage transducer. Basic requirements: 0-300VAC input, 0-10VDC output or possibly 0-5VDC. Currently looking at building a small, unregulated power supply to do this, but would prefer a "cheap" off-the-shelf solution. Any recommendations? ----- Ron Gage - Saginaw, MI ([email protected])

Kirk S. Hegwood

I asked a similar question about a month ago. My was on DC power supplies for a small pump motor. By the way, thanks for all the response and advice. After more research and soul searching, I decided to have some made for my application, approximately $75. Mine are 240/120VAC - 12VDC @10A non regulated. If you want their name and number, let me know off line. Good luck, Kirk S. Hegwood President Signing for Hegwood Electric Service, Inc. [email protected]
Check with Kele & Associates (901-937-4900) They sell low cost transducers for single and 3 phase monitoring. Kevin V. Maki TransAmerican Automation Inc. 281-219-0400

Anthony Kerstens

Start with an off-the-shelf toroid current sensor. I know they come with 4-20mA outputs. I don't see why there wouldn't be one with 0-10VDC output. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Curt Wuollet

A diode, two resistors, and a capacitor. Possibly a cheap isolation transformer. Resistors in a 30:1 ratio, cap to give a 500msec RC time constant. Mail me for details. A couple of bucks and as easy as a module to hook up.. Regards cww

Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias

I highly reccomend DESIGN AND APPLICATION OF PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS by Armando Corripio, Ph.D., P.E., which you can buy at the ISA library, ISBN 1-55617-639-2 Regards Jimmy Saldivias TECSIM Phone: 591-4-523438 Fax: 591-4-523413

William L. Mostia, Jr

I would recommend the Instrument Engineers' Handbook, edited by Bela Liptak, of which I believe that there are currently two volumes. One is on Process Measurements and Analysis(ISBN: 0-8019-8197-2) and the other one's is on process control(don't have the ISBN handy). These books are published by CRC Press. These are not textbooks but rather practical engineering handbooks. The other source is ISA at which publishes a wide range of books on this subject including textbook style books. Bill Mostia ===================================================== William(Bill) L. Mostia, Jr. PE Principal Engineer WLM Engineering Co Independent I&E Consultant P.O. Box 1129 Kemah, TX 77565 USA 281-334-3169 E-Mail: [email protected]
I use an old AT PC power supply. Its clean, and can provide either 12v or 5v or 3v. The one I use can supply up to 27 Amps, wich I have found to be plenty for everything I have used, including making extremely bright lights out of common mechanical pencil lead. I think it should work for you. You may need to add a small filter, such as a couple caps to ground and it should be a nice clean high power, power supply.

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