Need reference on a SinglePhase to ThreePhase Voltage converter


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Rush Limbagh

I know that you use the word inverter on VFD's. Is there an already designed circuit using IGBT's.
I have a bunch of stuff that I bought at Ebay, but
I have no way of testing them. This is a purely hobbyist project. If I knew the right keyword then I could perform a search, so How you call them devices ?
Ps: Current or Power consumption are not a concern yet, but if the question arises then I want High Current/Power capabilities.

Frank Stifter

McMaster Carr ( has converters in their catalog.

They're indexed as "converter voltage phase". Both static and rotary models are listed, but I've found the static models of limited use.

Have used rotary converters, and they have worked quite well.

Good Luck