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I need to help me with inverter ACS 880 . Can I ABB.png connect signal NC of faulted on the inverter to use trip Circuit breaker when inverter have big issue ?

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Huu Phu,

It's obvious English is not your primary language. And, the Subject of your thread is one thing that's hurting the responses you might otherwise receive.

I would suggest the following Subject line: "Need Help With an Inverter Protection Signal" [NOTE: Do NOT use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS--it's difficult to read, and some consider it insulting to write in ALL CAPS.]

I don't know if you can change the Subject line of an open thread. If you can't, then I suggest you open a new thread, and use something like what was suggested above as the subject.

Next, it's not really clear (in English) what you are asking. If you are asking if you can connect a circuit breaker trip to Terminals 31 and -32 to trip a circuit breaker on a fault of the inverter, that doesn't look possible--because there is already something connected to Terminals 31 and -32 (looks like a discrete input to the inverter control panel???).

So, try changing the Subject of your thread, include "please" somewhere in the body of the thread while asking for help (it's common in the English language to use "please" when asking for help; to NOT use "please" makes it seem like you are demanding help), and try to be a little clearer about what you're trying to do.

I would also suggest having a read of the Instruction Manual provided with the inverter to see if there is any other output you could use for tripping (opening) a mains supply circuit breaker (which is what I presume is what you're trying to do when the inverter indicates it is faulted--and which isn't really clear from your original post, either).

Best of luck! If you purchased the inverter from an electronics supply company, you might ask if they have some technical support or engineering help which you might be able to talk to about what it is you're trying to accomplish. The inverter manufacturer may have some technical help which you could access via a Chat on their website, or an email.
If that's a page from the user manual for the drive, it may well be an example and OP's drive has that signal available.

I've seen a relay output from a drive wired to release the shunt trip coil of the line side circuit breaker. It worked but was a pain because the drive had to be on and not faulted for the breaker to close. There was a "bypass" pushbutton that had to be held in to close the breaker until the drive was powered up (just a few seconds). I don't like doing that for safety reasons since the person closing the breaker had to hold a button right next to the breaker. If there was a short circuit, the fireball would be right there. You might be able to wire it differently so it didn't need to be bypassed, but it would probably be less fail-safe.

Why exactly do you want to trip the breaker when the drive faults? I'm not familiar with that drive, but you typically can't configure the fault relay to only switch on selected faults.
Dear Mr joseph_e2
First of all, I would like to thank so much for advise. Last week, we had big problem for electric control panel . Almost inverters ( 20 inverters ) in this room were damaged and short circuit such as IGBT, control board v...v . With electric single line (690 V) , all inverter just protected by quickly fuse for each inverter and ACB siemens 2000 KVA total for all. All fuses were burnt but they can protect with response time for safe tripped all inverters. The resulted , all inverters were damaged . It seems that all fuses and ACB siemens can't prevent the big problem.
We had issued with Fire suppression system with Aerosol chemical was activated by lighting . This chemical have high conductivity and attached reaction are K2N03, H20. At this time , all inverters are working and attach internal fan to cause the big issue.
I afraid of with current schematic only ACB Siemens Total and fuse for each inverter, it is not effective to protect for inverter. So I would like to find solution to protect inverters were optimize in next time . It means that I will add ACB or CB for each inverter and replace all fuses by them. I will connect NC point ( Faulted signal )of inverter to ACB or CB to protect immediately with short time. Minimized risk inverters were burnt and damaged .
I am looking forward to hearing from your advise


Huu Phu


Check your trip/blow curves for the fuses vs the breakers.

The question you have to ask is, will the drive fault, shift the relay, and breaker trip faster than the fuses will blow? If you're using fast-blow semiconductor fuses I would think not. But you'd have to check the curves and response times to be sure.

What was the root cause? Was it the chemical getting into the drives or a power surge on the incoming line? If it's a power surge, my thought is that properly selected semiconductor fuses are your best protection. If it's the chemicals getting into the drives, you need a proper enclosure or to move the drives away from the chemicals. "Proper" means it's rated for the environment and installed & maintained properly.
Huu Phu,

If a lightning strike was involved, a lightning arrestor (spark gap to earth ground) is required to limit the voltage peak below the voltage rating of the blown fuses.