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Can someone please tell me the best place where I can learn about Allen Bradley RS Logix from the very basic to the advanced. Thanks

Patrick Allen

Take a look at

There you'll find an excelent simulator, and I believe the purchase price is only $20.

Most of the manuals can be found online with a simple google search. Rockwell Automation also offers training in many areas. Although, I can tell you that it is expensive. (they do take you out for lunch everyday tho')

Hope you find the info you're looking for


Dani Espartero

Hello Keith:

My name is Dani and i work in Rockwell Automation Spain, if you sail by our Web you can found the manuals for the differents systems:

RSLogix 5 for PLC-5
RSLogix 500 for SLC 500 and MicroLogix
RSLogix 5000 for ControlLogix

This manuuals are free.

the adress is:

You can seal for Manuals On-Line or Automation BookStore.

Good Luck!!!!

If you can't found anything, you can write me


Kokou Avowlanou

Please, I'm interested by the books you've listed below but I can't find the first two:
RSLogix 5 for PLC-5
RSLogix 500 for SLC 500
on Web the page you've indicated.
Please can you help me by sending them to me like pdf files?
My e-mail is: [email protected]
try the web address

in the download area you will find lots of great products as plctrainer that is especially designed for AB PLCs. You can download the demo version but believe me is very good.