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I recently graduated as an Electrical Engineer. I am currently working in a company where we use mainly Mitsubishi PLCs. Although I have learned a lot in the little time that I have been here I would like to expand my knowledge/experience to embedded controllers. I see there is a demand out there for engineers with experience programming with ladder and Visual Basic. My question first of all is what material would you recommend to learn Visual Basic? I know there are tons of books out there. Any tutorials? I was introduced to Visual Studio.Net at school. Is this similar syntax? I am not much of a programmer (that is in C) but I would like to extend my skill. What worked for you?

Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Hi Sir,

I am a student of H.N.D Mechatronics from Pakistan. In this course we have learnt C++ to control devices such PLCs.

I think Visual Basic is very good but you should gain some knowledge of C++ before Visual Basic.
This becomes your roots strong.

Muhammad Ahmed Raza
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Visual Basic is a part of Visual Studio.
It can be .NET or Legacy (VB6).
VB6 is much simpler than any other language but is not supported any more.
In the case of .NET, you can learn VB or C#.
VB has a more human readable syntax and C# has support for working with pointers (which should be avoided anyway).

If you don't have intentions to deal directly with hardware, don't start with C++.