Need to swap a Magelis XBTF034110...


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I'm having problems with a XBTF034110 screen. I need to find a vendor for this product that will send it to me to Guatemala. Aside from that, I need it to have a Bios v1.3 IE 40 Schneider 2000 because I'm afraid that if I plug in the memory card I may not be able to upload the program. Can somebody help?

Robert D. Wagner

There is currently one on sale on ebay by J & J Marketing that looks like they'll ship to you. Not sure of the bios rev so you'll need to check with them. Go to and search for item #: 140088012200.

Robert D. Wagner, P.E.
The XBTF034110 is still a current product. Try Schneider electic in your country. Do an internet search!!

You can always take the PCMCIA card of the display, but in a a PCMCIA reader, and import directly from the card, as you would a USB pen.