need TSX17-20 and TSX47 manuals


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Nand Kishore

i am looking for Telemecanique PLS basics and user manuals

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Most of the TSX17 and TSX47 literature is long obsoleted. I do have one set in my literature library here, I use for supporting customers. I might be able to get some of it scanned into PDF files. What type of information exactly do you need? I might be able to get some of it scanned and PDF'd for you.


Geoffrey McPherson

You can contact Schneider Electric Technical Support @ 1800 468-5342 for user manuals on the TSX 17's and 47's. Because these product are mature, you may not be able to obtain a hard copy. Schneider Electric do have these manual in Pdf's, which we would have to email to you.

Or, provide me with an email address and I'll send the Pdf's to you.


Andrzej Sokulski

Try\techpubs. You can find there many manuals for Modicon & Telemechanique.
Who did you talk to that said they had those in PDF format? They told me I would be lucky to be able to order hard copy anymore. Most of their older docs are not available in PDF.


Eng. Anan H. Hemary

Dear Sir
Please I need this manual for TSX 17-20 and also if you have the software manual for the same plc.
Eng. Anan