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I am a PLC programming engineer with 8 years experience in Allen Bradley PLC programming software like RSLogix5 and RSLogix500.

I have joined a new company which uses Modicon PLCs like TSX Micro, Quantum, Momentum, TSX Premium. They use Concept, PL7 for programming. They use FBD for programming. I have experience in Ladder logic progrmming in AB software. Can anyone tell me how to proceed to learn about the Concept FBD language? I felt that RSLogix is more user friendly than Concept. It is true, or am I feeling this since I am new to Concept?

Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Pollard

Remember how you felt when you first took hold of RSlogix??? Same with Concept or any IEC package ..

Beware that Concept is a mature product but NOT as mature as RSLogix.. don’t set your expectations high .. and surprise yourself. Create the positive experience

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!

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Bruce Thompson

Five years ago, I found myself in a similar situation, having to adapt from a familiar control platform (using ladder logic in RSLogix5 and RSLogix5000) to another (using FBD in Concept ver 2.2).

It was an adjustment in view and two things helped.

1) Remembering that as humans we naturally think in terms of function blocks with inputs and outputs. (Just try to explain a process to someone without function blocks!)

2) Training. Even an experienced engineer will benefit from a short three day training on a new product to get familiarity with it. Your local vendor will either provide one, or know of one close by.
Try to get yourself onto a Unity project using Pro programming software, it's a bit more friendly and my programmers think it's much nicer to use than the Concept sw.