NEMA 4/4X & IP65/66 test requirements


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Mike Hubbell

Does anyone have any of the specific testing requirements that apply to NEMA 4/4X and IP65/66?
There is confusion as to which IP rating I really need for our washdown application. Is there a pressure rating that is associated with the water jets between IP65 and IP66?
There are a lot of published charts providing approximations between NEMA and IP ratings but they contradict each other sometimes.



Dean Kindrai

For pressure rating on the specifications for IP65 and IP66, refer to DIN 40 053 part 4. IP 65 uses a nominal size 6 nozzle while IP66 uses a nominal size 12. IP65 stands for protection against "water jets", while IP66 stands for protection against "powerful water jets".

Dean Kindrai
Neff Engineering of WI
The IP test requirements are given in IEC 529. I've always followed CSA requirements for type 4 (NEMA4) enclosures, which are listed in C22.2 No. 94. The CSA spec. also has test requirements for 4X and for type 3, 3R and 3S enclosure for hosedown service.

In general, all of these tests specify a nozzle inside diameter, a distance from the enclosure, a water flow rate and a time for the length of the test. The actual water pressure is never specified, but if your water pressure is too low or too high, then you can't satisfy the flow rate requirement for a given nozzle diameter.

The difference between IP65 and IP66 is the size of the nozzle diameter and the flow rate. If you satisfy IP66, then you also satisfy IP65. The difference between NEMA4 and NEMA4X is a
corrosion test. If you satisfy 4X, then you also satisfy 4.

David L.