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Nemo D6-S

Hi I am trying to connect Nemo D6-S via Modscan 32 applications. Does any one have parameters to be selected?

I have kept following in to device.

Slave side
Address is 4
Baud 9600
Time 5

1. Is Modbus resident in the unit?

According to the spec sheet here,
the model MF1CT2 has Modbus RTU over RS232 and the model MF1CT4 has Modbus RTU over RS-485

Which model do you have?

2. What hardware is needed?
There appears to be separate Interface module (pdf pg 8) in the brochure
a device labeled "IFD0" which claims to have Modbus RTU (485)

I don't know if the MF1 device needs the IFD0 device or not.

3. Modbus doc
The multilingual Modbus manual is here:
English section starts on page 29 pdf
The slave map starts on page 42 pdf

Note that the registers are hexadecimal, not decimal.

4. device/slave/node ID number

You claim your unit is at slave node address 4.

How do you know that? I did not see a section on configuring a slave node ID address

5. Time 5

What is the "Time 5" parameter you mention?
Thanks for your reply,

The Meters we have at site are MFC1CTJ0056.

Does it required N2 convertor? I am not sure. Just got response from site that it could communicate with Johnson Control.

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