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Curt Jeffreys


Can anyone tell me if OS/2 Warp 4.0 is NetDDE capable? I want to link to an OS/2 app (that supports DDE) through the LAN using a Win98 app. Can this be done? If so, how?

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Curt Jeffreys
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Anthony Kerstens

OS/2 Warp is designed to make use of the Win3.1 kernal.

So, I think yes, whatever version of NetDDE is was that worked with Win3.1.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
Don't know much about OS/2, but I do have some background knowledge on NetDDE.

It was developed by Intouch for use with its Wonderware HMI as way to get data from 1 pc to another. I believe they eventually 'sold' the technology to Microsoft. I don't think Intouch has any apps that support OS/2 so they wouldn't have an interest in developing NetDDE for it. Obviously, Microsoft does not have any interest in developing code for it either.

Doesn't OS/2 run most windows programs? You may have some luck installing WW first because it will also install/configure NetDDE for you.

Not sure if this helps...