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Can any body suggest to me any Other Device Except Micro -Motion's ALTUS -3000 NOC Net Oil Computer which can accept inputs from any Coriolis Meter & provide outputs for Water Cut , Net Oil & Net Water .
The Coriolis Meter will measure Crude Emulsion
( Crude Oil + Water ) & will provide Pulse Output
For Crude Emulsion Mass Flow Rate & Analog Outputs for Crude Emulsion Density & Temp.
The Desired Device should accept all these 3 inputs from the Coriolis Meter & it should provide 3 Outputs -
1st pulse output for Net Oil
2nd pulse output for Net Water
4-20 ma DC Analog output for Water-Cut .
Try talking to Solartron Mobrey. Their 7951 and 7955 flow computers have been designed to accept coriolis mass flow inputs, including the Micromotion Elite.
You may need to ask the question as the data may not be on their website yet.

Oriana Castaneda

Could anybody tell me how Coriolis Meter measures the density of the acuous and oily phases and sends the signal to the Micro Motions?