net work of AB SLC 500 , micro logix 1000


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Hai friends,
AB SLC 500 is controlling one process.and another AB SLC 500 is controlling one process.and one AB micro logix 1500 is controlling one process. How can i bring all PLC 's in one PC .



All three products are capable of sophisticated network interfacing, but you gave no model numbers for the SLC500s and gave conflicting model numbers for your MicroLogix processor.

What are the catalog numbers for each of the three processors?

What information do you want delivered to the PC?

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida
Use The DH-485 Network Or DeviceNet Or EtherNET Network to connect all the PLCs together & connect that Network to a PC.

For DH485 Use 1746-AIC or 1761-NETAIC.
For DeviceNet use 1761-NETDNI
For EtherNet Use 1761-NETENI

Choice of Network Depends on Length, Environment, Budget.
Use the SCADA Software on PC Along with RSLinx to collect all the Data From these PLCs.